God Has Spoken

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Sheet Music 0:30 1 The Spirit’s Sword
Sheet Music 0:30 2 God Has Spoken
Sheet Music 0:30 3 Lord, Write Your Truth
Sheet Music 0:30 4 O God, My Joy
Sheet Music 0:30 5 God’s Word, My Guide
Sheet Music 0:30 6 We Will Follow
Sheet Music 0:30 7 For Me to Live Is Christ
Sheet Music 0:30 8 The Bible Stands
Sheet Music 0:30 9 God’s Word Shall Stand Forever
Sheet Music 0:30 10 Hide Your Word
Sheet Music 0:30 11 Bread of Our Souls
Sheet Music 0:30 12 Jesus, Your Grace
Sheet Music 0:30 13 The Word of God
Sheet Music 0:30 14 Your Living Word
Sheet Music 0:30 15 Holy Place
Sheet Music 0:30 16 Holy Bible, Book Divine
Sheet Music 0:30 17 God’s Sufficient Word


God has spoken! He breathed out His Word through human writers to give us the Bible. We have the full canon of Scripture. What a precious gift! In Psalm 19 and Psalm 119, David declares that God’s words are more valuable than gold and sweeter than honey. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 declares God’s Word as immensely profitable in our lives so that we can be fully equipped to live for Christ! This album highlights the many blessings of having the Word of God. God has spoken! Will we listen? We pray these songs will challenge you to delight in, rejoice in, read, and obey God’s Word more.

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  1. Andrew Edgar

    I heard a song from you on The Old Christian Radio app. I love nature and give God the glory for how He made it and uses it in my life. I saw the cover picture was a bird’s feather. I have had some tremendously glorious experiences with birds and I love how God refers to Himself in His Word regarding birds. Thank you for your music, and if I understand correctly, you provide a camp. I don’t know if my church would go, but I “Abba”solutely want to attend. God bless you all, and thank you again.

  2. Sion (verified owner)

    Most contemporary Christian music fail the depth of the scriptures in their lyrics however this CD hasn’t. I know God wanted me to buy it to bless me greatly. In fact every time I listen to this CD I feel the presence of God so mightily and cannot help but worship along with singing. I thank God for this very gem of Christian music that still is going strong and leading people in the right direction, that is the true gospel way. No other way but the narrow way that leads home.

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