Hide Your Word


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Included parts: Bass Trombone, Cello, Clarinet in Bb 1, Clarinet in Bb 2, Double Bass, Flute 1, Flute 2, Horn in F 1, Horn in F 2, Oboe 1, Percussion, Timpani, Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Trumpet in Bb 1, Trumpet in Bb 2, Trumpet in Bb 3, Tuba, Viola, Violin 1, Violin 2
You may make as many copies as needed for a single orchestra.
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This joyful 6/8 song extols the treasures of the “precious Word.” This Word gives life, comfort, and hope, “telling weary to sing, giving weary their song!” Our confident response to this precious Word must be to hide it in our hearts. New text by Trisha Priebe!


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