Lifeline Mini-books

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  • Help! I'm Doubting

    Help! I’m Doubting

    by Kelly Collier
    Have you ever wondered how you can know for sure that you are really saved? Do you question if you said the right thing when you prayed? Or if you…
  • Help! I Need to Forgive

    Help! I Need to Forgive

    by Jim Newcomer
    Forgiveness is one of the hardest things to do for the Christian teen. It is much easier to keep score and break friendships. Peter can definitely relate to this approach…
  • Help! I Want to Stay Pure

    Help! I Want to Stay Pure

    by Zach Sparkman
    Do you feel like battling lust is like trying to stop a tidal wave from crashing down on you? The truth is, even as a teenager, you can resist the…
  • Help! I'm Lonely

    Help! I’m Lonely

    by Matt Collier
    In spite of being surrounded by people and continual access to social media, many teens like you feel lonelier than ever. Thankfully, God’s Word speaks into your loneliness. Jesus suffered…

Showing all 4 results