In Faith I Follow

Vocal recording


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This CD features a vocal ensemble and includes several vocal solos and duets.

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Sheet Music 0:33 1 Praise to the Lord
Sheet Music 0:30 2 Christ Is Enough
Sheet Music 0:30 3 Refuge
Sheet Music 0:30 4 Stand By Me
Sheet Music 0:30 5 In Faith I Follow
Sheet Music 0:30 6 My Faithful Love
Sheet Music 0:30 7 He Is the Christ
Sheet Music 0:30 8 Only Trust Him
Sheet Music 0:30 9 Mercy
Sheet Music 0:30 10 Cast Your Care On Him
Sheet Music 0:30 11 Our Triune God
Sheet Music 0:30 12 To Live Or Die
Sheet Music 0:30 13 O God, You Are My God
Sheet Music 0:30 14 Be Merciful, O God, to Me
Sheet Music 0:30 15 Perfect Peace
0:30 16 You Alone Are God


In Faith I Follow expresses a child of God’s simple desire to walk in submission to the Master’s will. God’s will may lead down unexpected paths with sharp turns and dangerous obstacles. This path will often be dark and uncertain, yet God’s child seeks to trust his Master’s leading. In the Old Testament, Joseph is a wonderful example of this faith-filled following. Though he didn’t understand God’s plan or know the “end of the story,” he trusted God’s leading. Through faith and trust we too can follow when the way is unclear. For we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7). This faith allows the child of God to see past the difficulty during the storms of life and to focus on God’s divine providence and unwavering character. He is good. He is in control. He is love. He is unchanging. We trust this recording will increase your faith in Him no matter where the path may lead.

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