Let the Church Rejoice

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Sheet Music 0:42 1 Come, Draw Near
Sheet Music 0:30 2 Jesus Loves the Church
Sheet Music 0:46 3 Let There Be the Church
Sheet Music 0:42 4 Sing and Rejoice
Sheet Music 0:47 5 He Shall Reign Our King
Sheet Music 0:36 6 Jesus, Shepherd
Sheet Music 0:51 7 How We Thank You, Jesus
Sheet Music 0:37 8 You Made Us One
Sheet Music 0:37 9 People of the Way
Sheet Music 0:46 10 The Church's One Foundation
Sheet Music 0:36 11 He Has Called Us
Sheet Music 0:39 12 Lord, Build Your Church
Sheet Music 0:40 13 Sing To God
Sheet Music 0:57 14 Join In Heaven's Praise
Sheet Music 0:39 15 His Church Shall Rest


Jesus loves the church! We know this to be true because He gave Himself for it! The good news of Jesus Christ makes it possible for all men and women, from every nation, tribe and tongue to be united as one, the bride of Christ.  Through His Gospel, He promises to continue to build His church, rescuing sinners in desperate need of a Savior. O Church, rise up and shout the victory! May this collection of songs and hymns cause us, His church to sing and rejoice and give Him the glory that He rightfully deserves!

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