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This CD features a vocal ensemble and includes several vocal solos and duets.

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Sheet Music 0:30 1 Christ the Lord is Risen Today
Sheet Music 0:30 2 The One Who Lives Again
Sheet Music 0:30 3 Behold How Every Wound
Sheet Music 0:30 4 Endless Praise
Sheet Music 0:30 5 From Heaven's Holy Throne
Sheet Music 0:30 6 It's Still the Cross
0:30 7 The Mighty One
Sheet Music 0:30 8 Consider Him
Sheet Music 0:30 9 Christ is Risen From the Dead
Sheet Music 0:30 10 He is Risen
0:30 11 My Redeemer
Sheet Music 0:30 12 See the Christ
0:30 13 The Bitter Cup
Sheet Music 0:30 14 Gaze on Christ
Sheet Music 0:30 15 One Day
0:30 16 Hallelujah, What a Savior


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ changed everything! In God’s Word, we see how this historical event directly turned James from stubborn skeptic to faithful pastor, how it stirred Peter from shameful denial to bold proclamation, and how it transformed Paul from self-righteous Pharisee to zealous missionary. No wonder they, and other New Testament authors, returned to the doctrine of the Resurrection again and again in their teaching and writing ministries. They clearly understood that the death of Jesus would have been a senseless tragedy apart from His Resurrection because only a living Savior can save. Truly, the Resurrection is the cornerstone of the gospel message. But there’s more to it than that. Not only does this vital truth open up the way for sinners to enter heaven, it also empowers believers to fulfill their purpose while on earth. God wants His children to live like who they are: ones who are “risen with Christ” and “are alive from the dead.” That’s why we’ve chosen to make the Resurrection the central theme of this CD. It is our prayer that these songs will help you meditate on this life-changing doctrine that we cannot afford to assume. Because the Resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything!

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