Christ, My Treasure

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Sheet Music 0:38 1 Come, Christians, Join to Sing
Sheet Music 0:40 2 Christ, My Treasure
Sheet Music 0:37 3 I Will Stand
Sheet Music 0:37 4 To Live Is Christ
Sheet Music 0:33 5 At Your Word
Sheet Music 0:39 6 Your Word Is Life
Sheet Music 0:34 7 Draw Me Nearer
Sheet Music 0:37 8 Jesus Christ the Righteous
Sheet Music 0:37 9 I Will Praise Him
Sheet Music 0:36 10 Do You Love Me
Sheet Music 0:34 11 Jesus Paid It All
Sheet Music 0:37 12 Everlasting Arms
Sheet Music 0:34 13 His Countless Scars
Sheet Music 0:32 14 Our Hope Is Alive


Christ is the only One Who can provide us with the peace, joy, stability, and hope we so desperately desire. Because our hope is alive, a relationship with Him makes these not just a goal to reach, but a reality we can experience. This collection of songs stirs us to look to the Savior and give Him praise for His attributes. May God give us the realization that “…He alone, my hope in heaven, is my treasure here on earth.”

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