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Sheet Music 0:41 1 Let All Things Praise the Lord
Sheet Music 0:41 2 Look To Christ
Sheet Music 0:28 3 Happy Is the Man
Sheet Music 0:36 4 I Am Free
Sheet Music 0:33 5 At the Cross
Sheet Music 0:38 6 Grace Has Spoken
Sheet Music 0:40 7 Even So
Sheet Music 0:38 8 Song of Rest
Sheet Music 0:39 9 Come Find Rest
Sheet Music 0:47 10 I Must Tell Jesus
Sheet Music 0:48 11 I Am the Lord
Sheet Music 0:38 12 He's the Mighty One Who Saves
Sheet Music 0:31 13 Oh, the Height and Depth of Mercy
Sheet Music 0:28 14 We Will Not Be Ashamed
Sheet Music 0:48 15 We Stand In Grace
Sheet Music 0:49 16 Jesus, At Your Name


In this ever-busy world, our minds and hearts can easily be overwhelmed with the pressure to give attention to the demands of this earthly life. Our misplaced affections and vain efforts will quickly rob us of the joy, peace, and rest that we long to find. Look To Christ is a collection of songs that will remind us to keep our focus on Christ, so we can humbly say, “We will look to Jesus Christ!”

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