It's Still the Cross

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Sheet Music 0:30 1 Holy, Sovereign God, Creator
Sheet Music 0:30 2 Great Is the Lord
Sheet Music 0:30 3 Have You Not Known
Sheet Music 0:30 4 It’s Still the Cross
Sheet Music 0:30 5 The One Who Lives Again
Sheet Music 0:30 6 Blessing and Honor
Sheet Music 0:30 7 Ever Faithful, Ever True
Sheet Music 0:30 8 Come Seek the Things Above
Sheet Music 0:30 9 Only God
Sheet Music 0:30 10 In Christ I Stand
Sheet Music 0:30 11 Break Forth and Sing
Sheet Music 0:27 12 I Will Make My Boast in Jesus
Sheet Music 0:30 13 My Praise Has Just Begun
Sheet Music 0:30 14 See the Christ
Sheet Music 0:30 15 Our God Is Mighty


Its still the cross, its still the blood. It’s still His dying act of love, compelling me to spend my life in giving everything for Christ!” The chorus of the title song sung triumphantly from the hearts of men leaves us charged and encouraged! Men have the responsibility to lead with a faith in God that does not stagger even during the difficult times. Every song fairly bursts with reasons why we should willingly follow this One Sovereign Lord. His love persuades us to praise Him for His power and greatness. His steadfast love compels us to give everything for Christ!

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Vocal recording